Getting Ahead of the Media

February 23, 2010 at 7:13 pm Leave a comment

Interesting read on the Fortune site.

Nutritious food for thought for professional marketers/PR-types.  Essentially, Quittner’s parting thoughts – thinking of your content in terms of the amount of time your audience will invest in it – is a good one.  While it is realized that the average precedent-setting legal case or piece of legislation is tough to boil down to a 140-character tweet, it can and SHOULD be written more tightly and with a clearer, audience-centric message.  A healthy respect for readers’ time will eventually separate the must-read, pushed content from the items that sit, unopened, in the in-box until they’re deleted due to old age.     

Another key take-away for this news junkie is that, increasingly, looks count.  It’s not enough to be able to read it on your Blackberry.  Your content needs to be eye-pleasing on the Web, in an e-blast and when printed (yes, there will still be a couple folks who resist the digital age).

While traditional media continue to wrestle with new content delivery methods, platforms and revenue models, corporations and firms producing content have a healthy head-start in snagging their share of audience time and attention.  The question is:  Is your firm or company making the most of this time?      

Traci Stuart


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