Using Marketing and PR to Pick a World Series Winner

October 28, 2010 at 11:06 pm 1 comment

If the first game of the World Series has taught us anything, it’s that no one can accurately predict what’s going to happen in a baseball game.  Prior to the first game, I agreed with the analysts and thought we would have a pitcher’s duel.  

Well, evidently my baseball knowledge isn’t as good as I thought it was.  So I turned instead to my other knowledge base, marketing and public relations.  Using my experience (and, of course, opinion), I analyzed the marketing prowess of each club.  While the findings are not scientific (neither is baseball), my prediction is the Giants will win in seven games.  Check out the categories below and feel free to chime in with your own predictions.

Feel-Good Media Story

It’s not that the Giants aren’t a feel-good story; it’s just they pale in comparison to the Rangers.  The Rangers emerged from bankruptcy and celebrated the pennant with ginger ale in honor of Josh Hamilton, a recovering addict.  Throw in the fact that they beat the Yankees, and the Rangers have the media darling crown all to themselves.  I wish all my clients were as easy to pitch.

EDGE:  Rangers


To some baseball purists a giveaway is sacrilegious but to many fans they may be the highlight of the year.  For the promotions department of a baseball team, this is the time to shine and demonstrate true creativity.

In the last year, Giants giveaways included a skateboard, wearable blanket and a Lucy bobblehead.  While the only highlights from the Rangers seems to be a chest protector backpack and chatterbat.

Now if the Rangers had given away a garden gnome, then this may have been a bit closer buts its obvious the Giants prevailed in the giveaways.

EDGE:  Giants

Season Slogans

Prior to each season, each team’s marketing department sits down to create a catchy phrase that resonates with fans, has commercial appeal, spurs ticket sales and, most importantly of all, fits on a pocket schedule.

Giants’ Slogan:  It’s Magic Inside

Rangers’ Slogan:  It’s Time

Will have to agree with Sports Hui on this one.  The Rangers’ slogan is more versatile and definitely better catches the spirit of the team.

EDGE:  Rangers

Adopted Slogans

It’s not just the marketing department that spends many hours brainstorming potential slogans.  There’s a lot of downtime at a baseball game, which allows both players and fans alike to get those creative juices running.

The Rangers created their own sign language to applaud hitting and speed.  The claws and antlers have caught on and led to merchandise sales.  The Rangers have also adopted the slogan, “that’s the way baseball go.”

The Giants have “torture” and “fear the beard.” 

Both are creative and original; however, points have to be taken away from the Rangers for not using proper grammar.  Also, while not really a slogan (it doesn’t really fit into any marketing category), the Giants have the rally thong.

EDGE:  Giants

In Need of Media Training

Overall, it seems the media departments of both clubs have done their jobs.  The players of both teams are media accessible, say the right things and give the proper sound bites. 

Then you have Brian Wilson, the Giants closer.  From his odd remarks, like facing the Rangers in the World Series will be “delicious,” to the idea that he continues to refer to the “machine” in interviews, Wilson has taken the persona of a closer to a new level.  While as a fan, I find his interviews extremely enjoyable; the PR part of me cringes when I see him interviewed.

EDGE:  Rangers

Social Media

 The Giants have approximately 520,000 Facebook fans; the Rangers have 320,000.  The Giants even have their own fan-inspired YouTube hit.  Located near the headquarters of Google, Facebook and Twitter, Giants fans are all over social media.

EDGE:  Giants 

Interview Backdrop

The back drop of a television interview sets the tone of the interview.  As such, you can’t do much better than the scenic AT&T Park, not to mention the city of San Francisco itself.  Also, when you have thousands of fans wearing orange as a backdrop, you really don’t have to worry about any wash out.

EDGE:  Giants

Chuck Brown

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