Fifteen Years with Blattel Communications: Chuck Brown

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How Did You Come to Blattel Communications?

One of the things that makes Blattel Communications unique is that each of us came to the agency from a different path. My own path is fairly non-traditional. I came to Blattel Communications from a local lumber company, where I worked in a small marketing department. When I had my first phone interview with Ellen Blattel, she seemed to focus on my knowledge of lumber – an odd interest, I thought at the time, but since it led to an in-person interview, I went with the flow.

Upon my second interview, I learned the reason for all the wood-related questions was that the agency had recently retained a lumber company client with a focus on LEED certified building materials. Of course, there were other questions, and my answers led to a third interview. It was after that interview I realized Blattel Communications was more than just a workplace. It was special. A place where employees were treated with the same care and commitment that we extend to our clients.

Why after interview number three? On my way out, I ran into Ellen and Traci Stuart on the street. In typical Ellen fashion, she gave me a hug and asked about how the interview went.

What Makes Blattel Communications Special?

Flash forward 15 years, and Ellen’s enthusiastic personality is still evident – greeting everyone, from office to office, with a “good morning!” when she arrives. This commitment embodies the spirit of Blattel Communications – the same spirit that’s been infused into the agency since its founding 25 years ago.

Ellen’s hugs are not limited to post-interview run-ins, she can be found hugging clients and friends. The longevity of our clients typically leads to friendship and, more importantly, to a partnership. Our clients rely on our expertise and advice. From long-term media strategy to a quick second-opinion via email, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to service in everything we do.

I did not end up working with the lumber client, but it is still a story we all like to tell. Instead, I was immersed in a variety of other professional services clients – first, in construction and architecture, then consulting, and, of course, legal.

During my time at Blattel Communications, there are few clients with which I have not had an opportunity to work with. Our collaboration and teamwork allow us all to learn about the agency’s clients and provide opportunities to offer insight and advice.

When you are valued by both your clients and colleagues, it makes your workplace special – one where you spend 15 years (and counting).

Where is Blattel Communications Headed?

It is amazing to think how much has changed in 15 years. When I first started, we had to wait patiently while we took turns reading the print papers – most publications, at the time, didn’t even have websites. When we found a media mention, we had to photocopy the article, cut it out, and then paste it to another paper with a photocopied masthead – no scanners and no PDFs. Once the media mention was complete, we then faxed it to the client – since few, if any, had email access.

As technology advancements have improved the efficiency of operations, they’ve also advanced the methods of public relations and professional services marketing. We pride ourselves on staying a step ahead, so we can guide our clients.

While pitching a reporter has evolved from snail mail to fax, then email and now, sometimes, Twitter, the purpose and messaging of the communication remains the same. Blattel Communications will always work with clients to create messaging that resonates with the intended audience.

The online landscape has also allowed more direct communication. Social media, websites and blogs have created a constant need for new content. As such, we work with our clients to meet that need and create consistent messaging across all platforms.

What advancements will occur in the next 15 years? It is difficult to predict. However, based on my experiences in the last 15, I can say with certainty that Blattel Communications will continue to partner with clients in developing the needed content. Just as I can count on Ellen saying good morning, our clients can be sure we will work with them to draft consistent messaging across all platforms, whatever form they may take in the future.

Chuck Brown

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