Getting to Know You: Chuck Brown

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Now stepping up to the plate for our “Getting to Know You Series” is Account Supervisor Chuck Brown, Mets fan, beer lover and agency lumber specialist.

1. Something your clients may not know about you is that you are a big New York Mets fan. How did a native Californian end up rooting for such a quintessential East Coast team?

When I was a kid, trading baseball cards was a big hobby. When I went to my first baseball card show, my dad bought me the Met’s team set. He was originally from New York and thought I would like the Mets. I’ve been a fan ever since. My fandom was further cemented when the Mets won the World Series in 1986. I worked as a paperboy that year, and every morning before folding the newspapers, I would check the box scores to see if the Mets won.

2. Part of the oral history of the agency is that you were prized for your expertise in lumber PR? Can you tell us a bit about this time in BC? Do you ever pine for those days?

My first job out of college was with a wholesale lumber company, doing their marketing and public relations. It was interesting in that you are marketing lumber and flooring to general contractors, a much different audience than consumers. Not only did this allow me to hone my B2B marketing skills, but it also helped me land an interview at Blattel Communications. The firm had a lumber client at the time, and Ellen wanted to pick my brain on ideas around how to best promote the client. Can’t say I pine for my old job, it involved a lot of graphic design. I much prefer writing and really enjoy the variety of clients that our agency represents.

3. If a client was to ask for one piece on unvarnished advice to better their campaign, what would it be?

My advice would be that too much varnish is a bad thing. Clients sometimes overthink an opportunity or want to control their messaging, the reporter’s messaging, the reader’s comprehension of the messaging, etc. Given reporters’ deadlines and the speed of breaking news, it’s sometimes best for clients to be positioned as the leader in the respective industry, and that’s why the journalist is looking for their insight. Just like varnish, commentary to the media should include a broad, even stroke that further highlights the article subject (aka, the wood).

4. Can you talk a little about your involvement with Delta Sigma Pi? Has being a mentor enriched your career?

I joined the co-ed business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, when I was in college. I’ve since stayed involved, serving in a number of national positions and on committees. It allows me the opportunity to stay connected with friends and colleagues, while helping current college students develop their professional skills. It also helps me professionally by giving me insight into the next generation of business leaders, and the communication tools they are using.

5. As a beer lover, and one who seeks out a brewery when traveling, what is the best exotic beer you have ever had and what is one beer that you wish the Bay Area offered?

I’ve visited a number of breweries, and there some odd pairings – grapefruit, jalapenos, cherries, donuts and even bacon. The Bay Area has lots of offerings, but it would be great if 3 Floyds from Indiana could be distributed out west. It’s very much a cult classic in the Midwest.

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