Very Merry Media: BC Holiday Traditions and Picks

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This holiday season we polled the professionals at Blattel Communications asking what media they will be consuming. The resulting list is a potpourri of movies, TV shows, books and even a newspaper section. We wish you happy holidays and merry media!

EllenEllen Blattel When I’m not enjoying the TV comedy The Big Bang Theory, I plan to turn to more serious subjects that will help put today’s politics in perspective. I intend to read Steve Swatt’s Game Changers: Twelve Elections That Transformed California. To get me in the mood of the season, I like to listen to my collection of holiday music sung by cats. Yes, each note of a tune is a different, recorded “meow.” It makes me laugh because it’s so silly (but I do love cats), and it drives my husband, family and friends crazy, which is fun!

MichaelMichael Bond —  I started and hope to finish John Hodgman’s most-recent book Vacationland. Hodgman, of Apple commercials (He played PC.) and Daily Show fame, has authored a memoir on his life and “minor celebrity” (his words) status. This new title follows three humorous compendiums of fake facts he previously published. I find Hodgman to be incredibly witty and incisive, and just a great writer. Check out an interview with him on the NPR/Maximum Fun Podcast Bullseye, itself always a great listen.

ChuckChuck Brown — I look forward to completing the series of Preacher, a comic book published by Vertigo. Consisting of nine graphic novels, Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher in a small Texas town that is accidentally possessed by a supernatural creature named Genesis. I read the first book after watching the television show based on the comic book. It will be enjoyable to finish the series and immerse myself in the crazy supernatural world created by the authors and artists.

PennyPenny Desatnik —  I’m looking forward to finding the time to dig into season two of Netflix’s The Crown. I’m a total anglophile and love to see such an important part of history played out in this beautifully written, acted (hello The Doctor!) and filmed series. I have some travel time coming up and am looking forward to filling my hours with the Queen and her Corgis before coming back to the real world.


VickyVicky Jay One of my holiday goals this year is to finally watch Elf, starring Will Farrell! Every year someone inevitably quotes the movie and I’m typically the only one that doesn’t get the reference. Aside from watching holiday movies, I’m excited to clear out the clutter in my apartment while I catch-up on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. A stand-up comedian who is also famous for his UFC commentary and hosting the original Fear Factor, his podcast is a long form conversation with friends and guests that have included other comedians, musicians, scientists, historians and authors. The content is always interesting with an inquisitive and intense comedic style.

Michael PMichael Panelli I plan on reacquainting myself with one of my passions – criminology and criminal psychology. Watching Netflix’s Mindhunter reignited my interest in criminology for the first time since earning my B.S. in the field. I have a few books on my shelf that I plan on reading to immerse myself in the fields of crime and deviancy.

I also plan on taking in many visual forms of media, including catching up on the latest seasons of Homeland and Vikings and seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters at least one more time.

TraciTraci Stuart — There are several special editions of the San Francisco Chronicle I relish annually, and the Geography Quiz that runs in the paper’s Travel section over the holiday is pretty high on the list (coming in just behind Michael Bauer’s annual round-up of the Top 100 restaurants, but that’s a spring thing). It’s a perfect read-aloud (over coffee) to test the family’s worldly knowledge (or reveal their lack of), pick up trivial tidbits to casually drop at seasonal gatherings, and fantasize about your next big trip. And if you’re an early riser that devours the paper before most are awake, you have a decided advantage when the final quiz results are tallied. (Although, my high schooler does have geography this semester – and it would be quite the gift to see him best me!)

JoeyJoey Telucci — Besides my annual binge of The Office Christmas episodes, I always look forward to watching my favorite holiday movies – some of which I’ve seen 15+ times. My #1 is definitely Elf with a close second going to such 90s classics as: Jingle All The Way (yes, with Sinbad and the Governator), All I Want for Christmas and Home Alone. A newer holiday tradition for me (since 2013) is watching the Warriors play on Christmas Day. It’s always fun to mix in a rivalry game with the usual Christmas activities – especially when it’s against the Cavs (even if the rest of the country is beyond sick of that matchup).

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