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Google Rankings – Changes Could Impact Smaller and Mid-Sized Websites

Google is making some changes and your ranking could be impacted.

According to PC’s article, “Has Google’s Search Change Hurt You?” the search engine is making changes with the promise to elevate high quality sites, while reducing the frequency of spam results.  The article suggests that smaller and mid-sized sites might be the ones that suffer.

What does this mean for your site?  Well, it seems it’s too early to tell.  But, it reinforces the fact that content is king.  Be sure that you are updating your site regularly with compelling and up-to-date information.  After Google institutes these changes to its algorithm, your company’s ranking could slip and it might be very difficult to get it back.

–       Jen Klein

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Could I Get Some PR on my PR?

Please don’t expect PR on your PR.

Almost every profession has experienced the proliferation of lists and rankings.  Key trade publications, Web sites, bloggers and even dedicated, for-profit research and publishing companies are picking their “Top 10,” “Best of,” professionals “of the Year” and “Who’s Who.”

For PR folks, these lists are a great opportunity to showcase clients – writing solid nominations for those who have notable achievements within the survey’s designated timeframe and even exercising some creative writing abilities for those with achievements requiring more, um, explanation.

Upon delivery of the formal notification-of-inclusion letters, we get exclamation point-filled emails of thanks.  But, invariably, these communications include the knife-in-gut question, “What can we do to leverage this from a PR standpoint?” 

The fact is most publications have their own lists, so publishing the “news” about inclusion in another publication’s/blogger’s/Web site’s list is of no interest – or worse, proof that stroking your ego makes spamming journalists all right.  The people who may care and be impressed by your inclusion among the “Super Heroes of the Real Estate World” are your clients and potential clients (as well as good ol’ mom and your Facebook friends). 

Attention of this sort certainly gets additional attention, and the second or third nomination tends to be much more successful when you’ve secured inclusion on one listing.  These honors belong on biographies, link to and from them repeatedly, advertise them in print or in firm tweets, send announcements via direct mail or email, push them out to the Web world via your site, but please, please don’t expect PR on your PR.   

–         Traci Stuart

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