Mid-Year PR Blunders

June 28, 2010 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

2010 has already seen its share of PR blunders….and there have been some doozies so I thought why wait until the end of the year to pull together a list.  Let’s get a mid-year recap going.  Topping the list includes the lackluster response by BP to handle the crisis in the Gulf.  The VP’s F-bomb in front of rolling mics – the sound bite heard around the world.  President Bush’s hand wipe in Haiti – a YouTube and Facebook favorite.  And, the latest – General

General McChrystal

McChrystal’s debacle.  Dissing your boss, who happens to be the most powerful guy in the world in Rolling Stone magazine, – uh, not so smart.   I look forward to seeing what other genius PR maneuvers occur over the next six months for an end of year recap that is sure to have most PR people shaking their heads in disbelief and wonderment and asking why these people aren’t paying attention to the most powerful platform in the world – the media.

–          Jen Klein

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